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Canada Made Down Jacket

Canada Made Down Jacket
A growing number of people are opting for a made in Canada down jacket. In terms of function, they’ve been popular and useful for hundreds of years, but as far as fashion goes, they weren’t up to par. Due to this, other non-down materials became the norm. Is there a difference between down and non-down jacket fillings in Canada? Yes, there is. That difference is made even more obvious once you’ve perused the most sought after down jackets made in Canada. You might think it difficult to locate a down jacket that is as functional as it is stylish, but finding down jackets for sale online is simple when you shop through the most reputable shops, like Arctic Bay. 

Down-Filled Vs Non-Down Filled 

Non-down filled jackets are the ones most often found in big box stores. They’re cheaply made, insulate poorly, and more often than not won’t even last a single season. This is especially true for kids jackets and snowsuits. Jackets that are not down-filled are useful in that they are inexpensive and readily available, but for a more luxurious experience, Canadian down filled jackets can’t be beat. Especially when said down jacket has a fill power of 700 or more. Canadian down helps retain more body heat than other materials. This is because non-down fillings have a higher weight to warmth ratio. In other words, you need a lot more of it to make a jacket as warm as a down jacket. This is part of the reason that the best down filled jackets in Canada are so fashionable. They don’t need the same bulk to keep you warm in frigid temperatures. 

Made in Canada

Jackets made in Canada, down jackets in particular, are an emerging necessity in fashion. They’re made in Canada, using Canada duck and Canadian origin coyote fur to create a product that will keep you warm in the harshest cold without compromising on personal style. Only Canadians know Canadian winters, and only Canadians can create such lovingly crafted jackets for men, women, and children designed with what it takes to keep warm in mind. 

Shop Online

It can be difficult to find the best down jackets available. Brick and mortar stores no longer carry the full line of any product. To find the options that best suit your tastes, it’s often beneficial to visit the websites of the manufacturer. Arctic Bay, for example, offers a stunning line of Canadian made, Canada duck down jackets. You might be surprised by the sheer volume of colours and styles available. Best of all, they offer free shipping on down jackets in Canada. You could spend a day in the outlet stores, but for a true taste of luxury, you’re only a few mouse clicks away. 

Canada made down jackets are among the most pursued options in winter attire and for good reason. They’re better than jackets made from other materials, substantially more fashionable, and overall, a far more opulent way to tough out the long Canadian winters. Take a look at the options available from high-end producers like Arctic Bay through their online shop. With free shipping on all jackets to anywhere in Canada, you’ll be sure to get the perfect coat that ideally suits your unique fashion. 

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